Pastor Howard Bass

Pastor Howard L. Bass
Pastor Howard L. Bass

With over three decades of ministry leadership, Howard Bass is the lead pastor of Covenant Church in Tampa, FL.

Pastor Howard is an apostolic leader and a strong prophetic voice who carries a deep passion to see God’s glory released in our generation.

His deep conviction is that no matter one’s history God yearns to give them an uncommon future.  This core conviction shapes his holistic view of the Word of God, the Cross of Jesus, his prophetic lens, and his personal approach to ministry leadership.

‘The church should be a place of healing, discovery, empowerment, and destiny-fulfillment. Jesus died to redeem people and to enlarge His Kingdom through them, no matter their place in the spectrum of human experience. He’s the Master at turning outsiders into insiders. Everything we do as Kingdom leaders must flow from that paradigm’.    – Pastor Howard L. Bass

With a mandate is to bring empowerment and wholeness to the lives of those he touches through the wisdom of God, Pastor Howard is a dynamic communicator who’s highly effective at bringing rich dimensions of the Word alive in powerful, creative, prophetic ways. His leadership serves to bring renewal, restoration, and hope by empowering people to fulfill their grand design and achieve their divine purpose.